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School Trustee Elections 2018

The next BC General Election will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2018. The elections for school trustees will be held in conjunction with the District of Mission and Fraser Valley Regional District. The Board of Education for School District #75 (Mission) is comprised of five trustees. The electors of the District of Mission elect four trustees and the electors of the Fraser Valley District elect one trustee.

For more information about running for a local school trustee, please visit the District of Mission website or the Fraser Valley Regional District website.  

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The Board of Education 2014 - 2018

Board of Education 2014-18

Back Row (L-R): Trustee Jim Taylor, Trustee Rick McKamey, Trustee Randy Cairns
Front Row (L-R): Trustee Tracy Loffler, Trustee Shelley Carter

Board of Education

Rick McKamey
Tracy Loffler (Chair)
Jim Taylor
Randy Cairns
Shelley Carter (Vice-Chair)

Board of Education - Strategic Priority 2014-2018

In the fall of 2015, the Board of Education initiated the process of creating a strategic plan to set direction for the School District and guide decisions for the years to come. Through the process, the Board committed to focus on student learning, and to keep student learning at the forefront of Board decision-making. The Board identified six strategic priorities for 2016-2018 and prepared a list of goals and actions which are detailed in the strategic plan:

Strategic Priority

Brief Description

1. Framework for Learning

To provide our students with an educational environment that nurtures the development of an Educated Citizen.

2. Human Resources to Support Student Learning

Students to benefit from working with well-trained educators, support staff, and leaders.

3. Plan for Technology

The need for a plan to address the acquisition and use of technology to support the school district.

4. Communication and Engagement

Effective communication, both internal and external to the School District, and effective public engagement.

5. Economic Sustainability

Ensure fiscal responsibility attaining a balanced budget.

6. Governance

Provide effective governance of the Mission Public School District recognizing the responsibility to the public and education partners.

Stategic Directions 2016-2018

Information and Technology Strategic Plan